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Meet Rani and her new family!

We can’t always share pictures like this one so it’s extra special when we can. Meet Rani and her new family!

Rani came to our shelter in Delhi when she was 6 years old after being found at a nearby railway station. She had traveled to Delhi with her parents, but, suddenly, Rani was alone. At first, Rani struggled and often isolated herself … crying for her parents. Eventually, she felt comfortable and embraced those around her. For 5 years, we have made countless efforts with the help of the authorities and child protection to find her family, but we have been unsuccessful.

At the top of her class, Rani now studies in year 5 and has been praying to God for a new family. On May 20th, her prayers were answered. This couple, never having had children of their own, have been counselled and trained to become her guardians and now have a daughter of their own.

Rani’s story may take place in India, but the journey of caring for her and restoring her with family is a priority for all our teams. We do not take short-cuts, and, often we undertake significant research, challenging travel, co-operation with other agencies, therapeutic care, ongoing support and more to reunite a child with family or find alternative family care. This can take several months or longer, but every child deserves a family… of this we are certain.

Please support our teams today so that we can continue to accept children like Rani into our care and help them find home. Every gift matters!

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