In community-based solutions to child 
protection and family strengthening.


An evidence-based approach to combating ​
​human trafficking and modern day slavery.


We encourage local community organizations to find solutions using their own assets to protect children from exploitation and abuse.


A strong family is our most effective tool of protection and prevention. Preserving the family unit is crucial for the safety of children and the wellbeing of the community.

Global Family Care Network is a non-profit organization that works to prevent and intercept child trafficking and systematic abuse and provide long-term and family-based care for children who are victims of commercial sexual exploitation and other forms of abuse. 


Our mission is to preserve the family and protect at-risk children with the assistance of community organisations, volunteer caregivers, and donors. Our vision is to help as many children as possible who are victims of poverty, exploitation, and abuse by modelling and sharing principled methods that represent the best possible outcome. 


Collectively, our model projects are active in nine countries with 304 global team members. 



Global Family incorporates evidence-based approaches to preventing trafficking and abuse, strengthening families and communities, providing services to victims of commercial sexual exploitation, and training caregivers. Our approaches are consistent with published and peer-reviewed studies, ​which we consistently review and incorporate.

Review and production ​of research on intervention effectiveness

Monitoring and evaluation of our policies and interventions

​Implementation of best practice approaches in our ​global programs 



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Image by Dakota Corbin

A shelter is a place where intercepted youth are evaluated, physically cared for, and counselled while their legal status is resolved. Beyond shelter care, youth are either restored with their families or placed in long-term family care.