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Symposium on Modern Slavery

We are excited to announce we will be hosting the inaugural online Symposium on Modern Slavery at St. James Research Centre (SJRC) August 5th – 6th 2022. SJRC was founded in 2019 and provides evidence-based training and resources to policymakers, practitioners, and students in modern slavery, community-based development, non-profit management and governance, and child-care. Our goal is to create an international community of practice dedicated to developing innovative solutions for social intervention and policy. Our parent organisation, Global Family Care Network, works in nine countries globally implementing community-based prevention, rehabilitation, and aftercare programmes.

The 2022 Symposium on Modern Slavery will present a wide range of topics related to three key emerging tenets of the global fight against modern slavery. The symposium will cover modern slavery in the United Kingdom, diversifying practice and emerging policy, innovations in the field, and more. We welcome anyone from the public to join, especially practitioners and policymakers in the field of anti-modern slavery, researchers, local and national government officials, students, health care professionals, and child-care professionals.

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