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In Nepal, we have a licensed shelter (10 beds) for children who have been rescued from traffickers and systematic abuse. Children are identified by our team, law enforcement, and other NGOs. Our team transports these children to our transit shelter and provides them with immediate health and legal care, assessing their needs and referring them to necessary services. While staying at the transit shelter, they remain under the care of qualified and passionate staff. Children stay at the shelter between 1 and 12 months depending on his/her trauma and family circumstances. Global Family staff work to identify and locate their families and determine whether it is safe for the children to return to their families. If not, they are placed in long-term family care. While staying at the shelter or when in family care, girls have‘God-parents’ through local community-based organizations. 

The girls, between the ages of 8 and 14, are now part of a family with caregivers and god-parents from the local community and church partner. Each girl receives individual and familial love and care, unlike institutionalized children’s homes. Girls’ individual educational, nutritional, and health and wellness needs are met. 

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