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All the Finishing Touches

Please help us furnish the new Daughter Project Girls Home with 'All the Finishing Touches' and help make our new home welcoming and safe. Your donation will make a world of difference and create lasting memories for these young girls. 

Duvet Covers - $60

Bedroom Makeover Magic! Duvet covers to transform their bedrooms into cozy retreats, letting them express their unique styles.

Set of Dishes - $140

Feast together! A complete set of dishes for shared meals and memorable gatherings, encouraging bonding over mealtimes.

Set of 12 Tumblers - $85

Sip and Share! A colorful set of tumblers for refreshing drinks, making every mealtime a joyful experience.

20 Pack of Pillows - $160

A Good Night's Rest. A plump pillow for everyone, perfect for peaceful slumber in their new rooms.

Bath Towel Set - $86

Self-Care Every day. Soft bath towels for after showers, giving the girls a spa-like experience in their own home.

Sheet Sets - $40

Dreamy Nights Await! Soft and cozy sheet sets for the girls' beds, ensuring a good night's sleep in style and comfort.

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Big Screen

Big Screen Television - $850

Keeping Snacks and Drinks Cold - Movie Nights Galore! With this big screen TV, the girls can enjoy cinematic adventures and cozy nights in, creating a shared love for stories, laughter, and good company.

Outdoor Furniture Set with BBQ & Accessories - $10,000

Outdoor Relaxing and BBQ Setup - Feast and Fun in the Great Outdoors! This set creates the perfect spot for BBQ parties and outdoor meals. It's where laughter and delicious flavors come together, fostering lasting memories for our girls.

Outdoor Fridge - $3500

Large Entertainment Screen - Cool Gatherings Under the Sun! Providing cold drinks and snacks, this outdoor fridge ensures refreshing moments during sunny afternoons, making outdoor picnics and gatherings even more delightful for the girls.

Small Television - $450

Compact Personal TV - Personal Entertainment Hub! This TV allows our girls to catch up on their favorite shows, unwind with some music, or simply relax with their choice of entertainment.

Cornhole - $100

Backyard Bean Bag Toss - Friendly Competition in the Yard! Cornhole is all about fun, laughter, and some friendly competition. Our girls can enjoy hours of outdoor amusement with this game.

Ice Machine - $400

Quick Ice Maker - Chilled Treats on Demand! Whether it's icy drinks or refreshing slushies, this ice machine brings cool relief on hot days, making summers more enjoyable for the girls.

Badminton Set - $150

Outdoor Gaming Set - Swinging into Fun! Badminton is a fantastic sport that encourages teamwork and friendly competition. The girls will love challenging each other to a match on sunny days.

Outdoor Ping Pong Table - $1500

Table Tennis Outdoors - Ping Pong Championship! This table invites the girls to engage in exciting ping pong battles, promoting active play and camaraderie in the great outdoors.

New Computers - $1250

Modern Computer Workstations Exploring the Digital World! Equipped with new computers, the girls can dive into the world of learning, creativity, and exploration while having fun with educational games and projects.

New Printer - $200

Printing Equipment - Creative Expression Unleashed! This printer is the key to turning their digital creations into tangible art, fostering creativity and pride in their work.

Arts & Crafts Materials - $100

Art Supplies for Creativity - Crafting Dreams into Reality! With a variety of arts and crafts supplies, the girls can let their imagination soar, creating beautiful, unique pieces and sharing their talents.

Microwave - $150

Quick Heating Appliance - Quick Snack Haven! Ensuring hot meals and snacks are just a few seconds away, this microwave adds convenience to their daily routines.

Sporting Lessons - $400

Sports Skill Training - Building Skills and Confidence! Investing in sporting lessons empowers the girls with valuable skills, teamwork, and a love for staying active.

Basketball Hoop with Balls - $250

Backyard Basketball Hoop - Baskets of Fun! Slam dunks and three-pointers await with this basketball hoop, encouraging physical activity and friendly competition.

Kiddie Pools - $100

Children's Paddling Pools - Splish-Splash Summer! These kiddie pools offer hours of aquatic delight, perfect for cooling off and creating summer memories.

Slip n' Slide - $200

Backyard Water Slide - Slip into Adventure! A Slip 'n Slide promises laughter-filled afternoons, as our daughters slide into thrilling adventures right in their own backyard.

Popcorn Machine - $350

Standing Popcorn Maker - Movie Magic at Home! This popcorn machine adds a touch of cinema to their movie nights, ensuring that every film is a blockbuster hit.

Kindle - $170

E-Reader Device - Unleashing Imagination! With a Kindle, the girls can explore a world of books and stories, sparking their imagination and love for reading.

iPad - $800

Tablet Device - Learning and Entertainment in One! iPads offer endless educational and entertainment possibilities, from interactive learning apps to creative adventures.

Marshall Speaker - $300

High-Quality Audio Speaker - Music fills the air with this Marshall speaker, setting the stage for dance parties and sing-alongs with friends.

Bean Bag Chairs - $75

Comfortable Bean Bag Seating - Cozy Corners of Comfort! These bean bag chairs offer comfy nooks for reading, chatting, or simply relaxing in style.

Picnic Tables - $375

Outdoor Dining Tables - Al Fresco Dining Delight! Picnic tables create an inviting space for outdoor meals, chats, and bonding moments in the fresh air.

Ice Cream Maker - $200

Home Ice Cream Machine - Sweet Creations Together! The girls can experiment with delicious ice cream flavors, fostering culinary creativity and sweet indulgence.

Outdoor Umbrella - $150

Patio Shade Umbrella - Shade and Relaxation! This outdoor umbrella provides a cool retreat on hot days, ensuring the girls can enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

Soccer Nets - $75

Goal Nets for Soccer - Goal-Scoring Adventures! Soccer nets inspire friendly matches and teamwork, nurturing a love for this exciting sport.

Hammock - $100

Relaxing Hanging Hammock w Stand - Lazy Days of Relaxation! A hammock invites the girls to sway gently in the breeze, fostering relaxation and peaceful moments.

Ninendo Switch & Games - $1000

Gaming Console and Games - Gaming Adventures Begin! With a Nintendo Switch, the girls can embark on gaming journeys, exploring virtual worlds and having endless fun.

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