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SJRC's Global Studies Internship is a unique programme that combines targeted studies and hands-on experience. Our goal is to equip future leaders with the skills, knowledge, and tools to implement effective and sustainable solutions to community strengthening, modern slavery, and child protection. SJRC is a faith-based research centre located in the middle of Scotland!

The GSI programme begins with a 3 or 6-month internship at our training centre in Scotland and an optional additional six months at one of Global Family's international programme locations. This unique hybrid programme combines classes and practical hands-on experience emphasising social justice, identification and intervention of human trafficking, and strengthening of local communities.

It is with great delight that I share Shobha and Santoshi’s graduation picture with you today. These sisters just completed their certificate in Early Childhood Development and will continue their studies towards earning a Bachelors degree. When we met these two very special girls, they had been abandoned by their father who spent most of his time away working highway construction in the Himalayas of North India.

Their mother had passed away. Conditions were harsh, and the girls were malnourished.

Happily, we were able to place Shobha and Santoshi into a loving family with a widow who had a great deal of ‘mothering' left in her… our very first ‘Global’ family! The result is beautiful and a clear reminder that every child deserves a family. Thank YOU for making this possible!

Earn a certificate in CTIP Programme Implementation and Evaluation! This certificate is designed for researchers in the field of modern slavery, human trafficking, and forced labor, students who are interested in studying modern slavery, practitioners working in anti-modern slavery organisations, global workers, and missionaries who want to implement anti-modern slavery programmes and interventions. ​

St. James Research Centre (SJRC) is an ecumenical research centre in Falkirk, Scotland, that provides training and resources to students and practitioners. Our research areas include community-based development, modern slavery, orphan care, child and family systems, programme evaluation, and non-profit management. You can attend either in-person or online.

Work Placements

All students will be placed in a programme either with Global Family or a local partner organisation to gain work experience throughout the programme. If you are already affiliated with an organisation or ministry and are working for them, that can serve as your work placement for the programme.


Take five courses, all included in the programme, in the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC), frameworks for trauma-informed care, starting a non-profit, programme evaluation, and gospel missions.


Seminars take place each week and are led on a rotating basis by a faculty, staff member, or visiting scholar at SJRC. Seminars are a place for students to discuss the readings for preceding lectures.


Community bible studies take place every Wednesday at 9:30am and are open to Global Family’s staff and volunteers, SJRC students, and the general public. These are optional to attend.

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