Global Family launched in Thailand in the northern area of Chiang Rai in 2016. Our focus is to work with tribal groups in this region (the golden triangle) to raise awareness and find local solutions to the issues of child exploitation and trafficking. Our girls' club curriculum has been translated into Thai (in addition to French, Spanish, Nepali and English) and builds communities of support for at-risk girls. 

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Girls Studying

Our curriculum consist of two handbooks that are used by club coordinators. These are the family strengthening curriculum and the girls empowerment club curriculum ("Empower" in English, and "Bhitri Sundarta" in Nepali). 

Empower consists of lessons around building character, overcoming challenges, growing up, influencing others well, and planning for the future. Meetings consist of foundational lessons designed to build a sense of community and friendship amongst young girls and strengthen self-image, social skills and healthy habits. Each meeting is composed of a lesson, discussion, activities and a sample journal prompt for girls to record their thoughts. The lessons are adaptable to different age groups, religious affiliations and educational systems.

Meetings that address positive thinking are designed to help girls discover healthy ways of dealing with stress and difficult situations. Those that address facing obstacles and enduring hardship, on the other hand, are meant to allow a space where girls can identify and tackle the challenges they face, whether at home, school or in their communities.