Update On Salina From Nepal

Salina, a 16 year old Nepali girl, has just been reunited with her family after being separated for 10 years. After a great deal of suffering, Salina was brought into our care. Once stabilized from her trauma, our team began putting the pieces together to find her family and home. This is not an easy task when children have been away from their homes in rural villages for an entire decade. Our team utilize ‘genograms’ and local information to trace relatives and find any bit of information that might help find a child’s home. Once confirmed, they embark on often difficult journeys by car, bus, and foot to complete the reunion that may span several days.

Is it worth it? Absolutely! Every child deserves to be home with their families, no matter how long (or challenging) the journey. Salina, pictured here (middle) with our team and local leaders is now safely back at home. As our team prepared to leave, tears rolled down her face as she told them… ‘Please pray that I could be like you one day.’ 

You have helped change the outcome for Salina. This is what the Daughter Project is all about! 

On behalf of Salina and her family and our Nepal team,

Thank you!

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