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Update from Child Protecting Vigilant Group

Group meetings for the Child Protecting Vigilant Group (CPVG) are conducted every month. In these meetings, members discuss issues around child protection. They find out if any children are not going to school or being deprived of immunization. "The school attendance of children from the Aran community was significantly lowered after the earthquake. However, as the CPVG became aware of it, they do household awareness and now 100% of school age children attend school regularly. There are about 80 children going to school from this community," said Kaji Man Dangol, school headmaster. Aran Tole Kallabari is one of the most marginalized communities in Samari. Most of the male members of this community have migrated for work and females are left to look after their houses, cattle, and fields. This creates pressure for older children to look after their siblings instead of going to school.

Bhankhey B.K. (60 years old) is a local resident of Aran Tole, Kallabari (Samari, Nuwakot), and is a leader of the Child Protecting Vigilant Group. Bhankhey owns a metal workshop where he mends iron equipment for the community. He made income out of this work for the livelihood of his family. The children in his community were not provided with education and other services necessary for development. Male migration from this community for work is very high and most of the children live with single parents (mostly mothers). Bhankhey did not really care about the lives of the children in his community until the April 2015 earthquake which reduced his house to rubble. He experienced trauma as a result of the earthquake for more than four months afterwards. The workshop which provided him with his livelihood was also destroyed. As a member of the CPVG, he attended the training on 'improvement in performance of workshop.' Bethany Vision Nepal facilitated the training and supported him with a welding machine. "This machine will definitely increase my production by double. Better livelihood will also help improve access to education and the safety of my children," said Bhankhey during the training.  Like Bhankhey, nine other members of the CPVG attended the training and four different workshops. After the first meeting, they found that a good means of livelihood is essential for the development of children. 

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