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Upcoming Online Courses: Program Evaluation and Trauma-Informed Care

FC400 Programme Evaluation

October 17th - December 1st

This course provides an overview of research methodology for programme evaluation. It is especially suitable for those who are interested in monitoring and evaluation, policy and programme design and evaluation, and social science research methods.

CS400 Frameworks and Interventions for Trauma-Informed Care

October 17th - December 1st This course will provide a deep-dive into the implementation of trauma-informed interventions and frameworks in rehabilitation programmes for survivors of child sexual exploitation, abuse, and human trafficking. It will explore current frameworks and theoretical foundations for trauma-informed care, trauma-informed interventions, and evidence-based therapeutic approaches. This course is suited for students with any level of knowledge on human trafficking, and is specifically targeted towards social workers, foster care agencies, health care professionals, Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Programs (STRTP), and anti-human trafficking researchers and professionals.​

Learn more and register at St. James Research Centre!

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