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Two Daughters Sold

An update from a partner this week reported that a mother sold her 2 daughters for one night... for just $5. She needed money to feed her family. This is not the kind of story that we want to share, but it is a reminder of the importance of prevention. The more we raise awareness, create opportunities, and monitor high risk areas... themore young girls we can protect. 

Just over a week ago, a group of 'San-Diegans' from Hope Church organized a 5K run/walk to raise awareness of human trafficking and funds for the Daughter Projectaround the world and right in their home of San Diego. No longer isolated to Southern Asia or Eastern Europe, young girls are trafficked into, through, and out ofNorth America. Daughter Project Clubs like this one join hands with Clubs in the Himalayas of Nepal and other areas to protect daughters. 

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