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Tulare County Sheriff's Office Takes Down Human Trafficking Ring

A few days ago, Sheriff’s deputies in Tulare County declared that they’d “taken down a human trafficking ring” that included 21 underage girls and 2 boys. The victims were lured through social media by someone posing to be a young attractive woman promising an “exciting life”. Three men who “operated the ring” along with others who paid to have sex with the minors have been arrested. 

Young girls rescued from trafficking and abuse need a safe place to stay where they will receive the care and support they deserve. Our Kern County Daughter Project shelter is just that; as soon as our license is approved, our doors will be open to girls such as these. Please contact us to take a tour or make a donation today to support this shelter at daughterproject.org. We need your help! 

Thank you for being a part of the Daughter Project!

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