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The good work continues

We are excited to share a recent report with you. Our coordinators in the Chin State sent us the following update on a recent campaign they participated in to bring much needed products to women and children in refugee camps:

“Our amazing team of Global Family Daughter Project coordinators and youth clubs in Chin state visited refugee camps and did awareness campaigns for children and women in refugee camps. They donated 1500 packs of face masks, 200 soaps, and 300 packs of women sanitary products for the children and women in refugee camps. Many parents, especially mothers, are so happy for what the Global Family team is doing.”

We are so happy that our teams around the world are able to continue doing the good work to care for children and families. Much of what we are able to do is because of your generosity! Thank you for being a part of Global Family & the Daughter Project,

Your Global Family Team

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