Nepal Update

In just April this year, Global Family Nepal has:

1) Rescued five children from exploitation.

2) Restored ten children with their families. 

3) Completed a community-based sustainability model for human trafficking prevention and risk factor targeting in Nuwakot.

New group of community volunteers in Jhapa, Nepal.

Restoration is a big part of what we do in Nepal. Human trafficking and forced labor results in many children being separated from their families. We identify children who are vulnerable, provide them with services that they need in our transit shelter, locate their families, and restore children back home. In April 2019, we restored 10 children back with their families! 

In Nepal, risk factors for trafficking and abuse include poverty, broken families, lack of economic opportunities, political instability, gender inequality, and lack of stable communities. Our community-based programs target and mitigate these risk factors in order to reduce the prevalence of modern slavery by instituting clubs for youth, vigilance groups, and women's savings and credit groups. This past month, the Global Family Nepal team has completed a 2-year project of community-based action in Nuwakot, which is a large source area of trafficking. We are continuing to support current clubs in Nuwakot, which have now become sustainable and have made partnerships with local schools and government. An evaluation last year demonstrates that child marriage has decreased in the areas in which we work.

We have begun working in Jhapa, Nepal, to replicate a similar process of community-based development and risk factor targeting to prevent trafficking and abuse. This area in Jhapa is an indigenous community in Eastern Nepal that borders West Bengal. Common issues in this community are child marriage, low school attendance, early pregnancy, intra-familial abuse, and trafficking for domestic work in India. An initial training was conducted in April 2019, and a core group of volunteers, shown in the picture above, has been recruited. 

Help us to rescue and restore more children and continue implementing community-based projects that prevent human trafficking! 

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