Inspiring And Share Worthy!

With all of the COVID news that you hear daily, we thought you might enjoy hearing this! As our India teams are busy preparing and distributing food packets to families who are currently without their daily wages, it became apparent that many who need the food packets the most do not have masks. When our girls from the Delhi shelter found out that masks were needed, they decided to get busy and have since made over 1500 masks with the help of two sewing machines and many eager hands… as well as several pots of tea and some snacks!

It is delightful to see these young girls, who have been through so much, volunteer to help in this way. The girl pictured here is now 18 and has ‘graduated’ from shelter care. 

The ability to recognize the needs around us and the willingness to help is a true sign of healing, this is what the Daughter Project is all about! 

Thank you for being a part of protecting children and preserving the family,

Your Global Family Team


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