Help Us Keep Young Girls In School

It may be time for summer break here in North America, but these children are just getting started! These girls are celebrating the completion of Book 1 of our ‘Bhitri Sundarta’ (inner beauty) curriculum. Girls’ clubs are lots of fun, but they also serve as an effective tool in both keeping children in school and succeeding. Several of these girls had previously dropped out of school, but now they are encouraged and doing well due to the support from their leaders who are committed to providing snacks, homework help, parent training, and education sponsorships. Girls who stay in school are less likely to become vulnerable to traffickers. 

We can help this community to protect their daughters by sponsoring their education today. School tuition costs just $12/month and we have 12 girls who need your support. You can… 

* Give $12/month to sponsor a girl for 1 year

* Give $144 one-time to sponsor a girl for an entire year

* Give $1728 to sponsor all 12 girls for one year 

All gifts are welcome and tax deductible. 100% of your gift will be used for girls’ education in Samari, Nuwakot. 

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