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It’s been an exciting year at Global Family! It is the time of year to give thanks, and that is exactly what we want to convey here for YOU because you have made the following stories and reports possible.

Smile a little and know that you made a difference.

We continue to advance the mission in building models of care, developing relationships and creating tools that empower people to enact sustainable change in their own communities. We love to hear stories of those impacted by our efforts and the courage they had to seek help, make a positive change, and extend that help to others… these inspire and motivate us every day.

We are truly grateful for you!

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Your Gifts In Action Since Global Family Began, Our Generous Donors have:

  • Launched 14 Shelters

  • Educated 177,000+ People of Trafficking to Prevent

  • 2,000 Children Restored with their Families

  • 1,500 Children Received Care in Our Shelters

  • 2,000 Restored With Their Families

United States

It is hard to believe our Daughter Project Girls Home for young victims of trafficking and exploitation has been open for almost 3 years. This year, we have welcomed over 35 girls into our care, each one unique and deserving of the very best level of care. We face many challenges but also victories as our girls gain the courage to heal. Currently, we are re-vamping our facility to stay fresh and welcoming for every daughter we serve.


We are excited that Daughter Project Thailand, one of our newest project countries, has just hosted their very first girls’ club camp! Girls’ empowerment clubs develop communities of support for young at risk girls, a space where girls can come together to learn, set goals and develop self-worth. Ultimately, we want girls living in at risk communities to know how to protect themselves and support one another.

El Salvador

Did you know that the word prevention is prevencion in Spanish? Well, it is and our girls’ empowerment curriculum is fully translated into this language and used in clubs across the country of El Salvador. Recently, all of the club leaders got together (including leaders from 10 new clubs) to share ideas, challenges and victories. Our clubs focus upon the very real dangers they face to offer hope and support.


Well, we have exciting news in this country! In addition to girls’ empowerment clubs in cities across the country, Global Family will soon launch its 15th shelter in Peterborough, Ontario, that has become a hub of sex trafficking. Last year, in the area, over 100 girls and women were identified as victims of commercial sexual exploitation, several as young as 11 years old. The community recognizes the issue and have come together to work towards solutions. The area of residential care for underage girls is currently non-existent, we are privileged to be the first to fill this significant need that will complement already established wrap around services. Donations have been pouring in from the community to get this 6 bed home for young female victims of trafficking and exploitation ready. Opening soon!


Just recently, a 15 year old girl named Ritu arrived at our shelter in Delhi. Ritu needed a job to support her family and her aunt was able to find a ‘good’ job for Ritu, but it was not ‘good’ at all. Ritu was tricked into selling herself for money. 

Her first few days at our shelter, she was traumatized and suffered with guilt and shame. After just one week, she changed. Ritu began to smile and gave full details of her agents and traffickers. Ritu had the courage to escape and has now helped rescue 10 others by boldly giving exact information to the police.


Our girls’ empowerment curriculum is now translated into Burmese with further translations into local languages in Kachin, Chin and Shan. 200 books have been printed and currently used in clubs and churches across the area.

Many challenges exist, and travel is difficult… but you will never find our team complaining. They persevere with smiles on their faces to protect their own from trafficking and exploitation.


Earlier this year, the Nepali Police and Central Investigation Department identified 122 children living in a children's home in Kathmandu in “appalling” conditions… children were "quiet, blank, hungry, staring at each other".

We learned that the families of the children, mostly from rural hill areas of Nepal, paid hundreds of USD to send their children away to receive a good education, unaware that the orphanage was profiting from the money. Your donation restored the children back with their families and brought awareness of the dangers of sending their children away.

Undisclosed Location

Over the last several years, we have been working on an approach to positively impact young girls and women in an undisclosed Islamic country where female citizens face many obstacles. Soon, our very own girls’ empowerment curriculum will be implemented through an association for literature, we have 6 active clubs, and we are launching a website where victims of forced marriage can access resources.

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