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During these difficult times, we want to share good stories that are a result of the work Global Family does around the world.

Our team in Nepal was recently invited to attend a meeting with the Nepal Government Prime Minister's wife at her office along with National Children at Risk Center (NCRC). In this meeting, our team engaged in educational conversation with the Prime Minister's wife, discussing the reintegration work that is done to help children be reunited with families.

The Nepal Government Prime Minister's wife is pictured here in the tan shawl, along with the three rescued siblings

In particular, she was interested in the situation of three recently rescued siblings, who were rescued from a family where the mother was killed by the father for a simple domestic quarrel. Our social worker attended the meeting and discussed with the Prime Minister's wife the plans of reintegration for these children. She acknowledged our partnership with NCRC and encouraged our team to keep this good work going.

This was a wonderful opportunity for our Global Family Nepal team, and we are grateful for the support we received.

Thank you for being a part of protecting children and preserving the family,

Your Global Family Team

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