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Global Family's 10 Year Anniversary

While our work in India began almost 20 years ago, Global Family Care Network became official on February 13th, 2007. Since that time, we have educated over 70,000 about trafficking and girl child sexual abuse, launched 12 shelters around the world, cared for more than 800 girls in our shelters, and restored over 1200 children back home with thier families. Wow! And we feel as though we are just getting started.  There is an epidemic of suffering amongst the world’s most vulnerable citizens… children who are as precious to God as our own. We must not allow them to remain vulnerable to the lust and greed of this world when we have a way to protect them… free them… care for and restore them. Join us as we continue to fight against this evil. It is not beyond our reach to create a world where children are able to laugh and play free from the fear of exploitation. Thank YOU for making this possible. It is a privilege to partner together in protecting children and preserving families. 

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