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Five Girls Rescued in Yangon

Just outside of Myanmar’s capital city, five young girls studying in 9th class were approached by a woman who promised them jobs worth $500 USD per month… all they needed to do was come for an interview. Instead of going home after school, the girls boarded a bus to meet the woman who had made them this promise, but the girls soon learned that the woman did not have good intentions.

In the meantime, the parents joined together and notified the police of the girls’ disappearance. Within hours, the police located the girls and returned them home safely. Our coordinator who had recently conducted an awareness campaign in their neighborhood received a phone call from the grateful parents: “How great is the result of doing human awareness education to our community”, they happily declared.

These daughters were returned home safely within 72 hours. Abuse and exploitation were averted due to the quick action by the parents and authorities. We call that success

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