Children in Nepal are Recovering from the Earthquake

As we enter the Thanksgiving Holiday in the U.S., we want all of you to know how grateful we are for all that you do to protect children and preserve families in your areas of service. You are the heroes of Global Family! Please know that we lift you up in our hearts and prayers this Thanksgiving.

Jennifer Jensen, Executive Director

The GF Nepal team has utilized the "I Am Safe" curriculum to teach children about what earthquakes are, why they happen, how to react if another earthquake comes, and how to recover from trauma. Although many children still experience trauma from the actual earthquake or from losing friends and family members, many have been able to express their feelings in a healthy way. Read the testimonials here or a brief snapshot below:

"Rupa Tamang enjoyed listening to motivational stories, playing games, singing songs, entertaining activities at child friendly spaces of her school, which encouraged her to share her feelings with friends and to attend school daily, helping her deal with fear, anxiety and traumatic symptoms and behaviors manifested by the earthquake. Nowadays, Rupa comes to school regularly and participates in school activities and programs."

"The training also helped Ms. Sulochana Ghimire, primary school teacher, to understand the causes and effects of earthquakes and healthy ways to become safe during a disaster. The training also helped her to deal with anxiety, fear and other negative emotions she experienced because of the earthquake."


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