Award worthy!

If you are ready for an inspiring story… we have one for you. Our shelter team have applied for the 2017 Bravery Award on behalf of this very special daughter. Priti is 14 years old and currently being cared for in our Sangam Vihar shelter in Delhi, India. This testimonial contains serious content, actual names and locations have been changed to protect Priti’s identity. 

Whether she wins the award or not, Priti is a hero to us!!

“I am Priti and very fortunate to be alive today to tell my story as a person who survived rape and an attempt to murder. It was the darkest day of life which I would rather forget and never remember it any more. One day, I was returning home as I had been sent to purchase milk. Close by there were five men standing near a parked car. Suddenly, one of them pressed a handkerchief on my nose and I fell unconscious. When I came to my conscious I realized I was kidnapped and locked in a dark room.  My hands, mouth and legs were tied with a rope.  I could not shout for any help. When I open my eyes I saw three dead bodies lying under the bed.  The room had a very bad stinking odor of decomposed dead bodies.

I was held in this room for 13 days and the three men mercilessly raped me multiple times a day sometimes even three times in a day. Whenever I cried and begged for mercy I was beaten and kicked. I do not know how I was survived in dark, smelly and tormentful place. I experienced extreme fear and pain. I was so tired but could not sleep in the nights.

After almost 2 weeks, they took me in their car to a jungle and raped me again. Later I was asked to get down.  As soon as I got down from the car they fired gun shots twice on my chest.  Then they threw me in a pit and left me thinking I was dead. I was profusely bleeding and crying with intolerable pain.  Somehow I gained my strength to pull out one of the bullet which was on my chest and became unconscious.  Early morning I again regained my consciousness and cried for help, a villager heard my voice and informed police.

Local police helped and was initially given emergency medical treatment for 3 hours in the Hospital. After that, I was moved to another hospital and kept there for almost a month. Soon after my medical treatment I was placed in the Global Family shelter home.    

Initially in the shelter home, I was suffering with depression, impulsiveness and post traumatic disorders.  I am very thankful to all the medical doctors, CWC bench and especially to Global Family staff and Counselor for their loving efforts which helped me to overcome my traumatic ordeal. 

I have just recently enrolled myself in open schooling and will soon take examination for 10th standard.”

This young girl is a model of strength and perseverance… what a beautiful example of overcoming extreme adversity. Much thanks to our team in Delhi for taking such good care of Priti and all the daughters who come into their care. 

Please support the Daughter Project… your giving changes the outcome for girls like Priti.


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