A Young Girl's Story

We have accomplished so much together! If you do not already support the Daughter Project, I hope that this girl’s story will prompt you to do so.

Maya grew up in a hilly village of Nepal. Her father abused both her and her mother. Maya was forced to work in the fields from a young age, never going to school. At age 11, she was raped by her father and forced to marry when she was just 13. Sadly, her new husband and in-laws abused her as well. After a few years, they threw her out and she found herself working in a Kathmandu hotel where she fell prey to exploiters.

Maya, now 17, is recovering in our Kathmandu shelter... she wants to become a beautician and start a new life! Her story is not unique, but it does represent hope. The numbers above reflect what we have been able to accomplish for so many young victims around the world.

Please consider giving $19 per month so that we can help more girls like Maya. You can become part of the solution!

Thank you for being a part of protecting children and preserving families,

Your Global Family Team.

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