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A story of restoration

Binsa lost her parents when she was very young, she can’t remember exactly when. She lived with her grandparents on her mother’s side, but they were very poor so they couldn’t keep her. She then stayed with a policeman’s family and did house work. When the policeman’s wife had a baby, Binsa stopped going to school so she could take care of the baby. They slowly asked her to do more and more work. Sometimes they would beat her because she didn’t do the work fast enough. She was often not given enough food and was verbally abused. She started working in a hotel in exchange for food and lodging. At this time, she was eight years old. The hotel manager asked her to do prostitution so he might make more money, but she refused so he beat her. Once she was beaten until she became unconscious. She was then rescued and taken to the transit center. She has a learning disability and started going to a vocational school. She is now healthy and not malnourished anymore!

We identify children who are vulnerable, provide them with services that they need in our transit shelter, locate their families, and restore children back home. In April 2019, we restored 10 children back with their families! 

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