2020 is the Year for Change, End Human Trafficking Now

2020 is the Year for Change!

Human trafficking is a $150 billion industry worldwide. End human trafficking in YOUR community by starting a Community Action Committee. 

Daughter Project (DP) Community Action Committees are groups of people who are passionate about combatting human trafficking in their own communities and abroad. Committees are paired with sister projects and clubs around the world that they support and receive updates from.

Community Action Committees have two main objectives:​

1. Raise awareness and educate people about what human trafficking is and how they can identify it.

Committees exist to be an active community-based organization for the purpose of combating trafficking and sexual abuse within the local community. Although most of the press around the trafficking issue has been focused on overseas countries where it is most visible, exploitation is very much a local issue. The resources on My DP will help guide you to an effective approach to advocacy. These approaches range from community awareness campaigns, partnerships with law enforcement, and starting a girls' empowerment club. Each club must determine a local approach that best fits the group’s human resources including abilities, time, and passion.

2. Support Daughter Project activities in the United States and around the world.

Committees also exist to raise funds for global projects. The funds will help DP affiliated groups that raise awareness, monitor borders, rescue at risk youth, care for victims in rescue shelters, restore victims back to their families, and provide new families for orphaned children. These funds will be sent to Global Family Care Network ensuring that 100% of funds are used for the Daughter Project. It is recommended that each committee organize at least one annual fundraiser to accomplish this. 

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