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123 Boys Rescued in Bhaktapur, Nepal!!!

Bhaktapur is an area just outside Kathmandu well known for its carpet and saree factories. Sadly, it is common knowledge that many children are exploited, being forced to work in these factories for long hours everyday. A few weeks ago, our founder, Clark Jensen, had the opportunity to join a few other local organizations to raid several small saree factories in the area. They, along with 200 policemen, arrived early in the morning as work was beginning for the day to find dozens of young boys, between 7 and 14 years of age, working on intricate saree embroidery and beading. Their small hands and dexterity are sought after by factory owners whose profit margin increases dramatically with the addition of such fine work. 

At the end of the day, 123 boys were rescued. Global Family's network in Nepal took responsibility for the restoration of all the boys utilizing our nearby shelters. Local churches and volunteers came together within a few hours to donate many of the items needed to care for the boys temporarily including mattresses, blankets, and food. All have been returned home back to their families... where they belong!

It was possible for us to say 'YES' to all of these boys because of a good working relationship with local authorities, a network of churches and volunteers ready to step up when called upon, and people like you

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