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The open border between Nepal and India has facilitated the trafficking of people out of the country (Hudlow, 2015: 279). The trafficking of women and girls a very large concern, with around 10,000–15,000 Nepali women and girls being sold in India annually (Thaindian News, 2009). The Middle East is also destination country for many Nepali migrant workers, with around 16,000 travelling to the Gulf States for temporary work every month, and thousands more going to other countries in within the Middle East (Paoletti et al., 2014: 17). Many Nepali migrant workers in the Middle East have repeatedly cited issues such as contract violations or substitution, unpaid wages, unsafe work conditions, inadequate rest, inhumane housing conditions, and confiscation of the worker’s identity documents, as well as workers in the domestic services industry being confined to the home or subjected to sexual abuse (ibid: 25).



​Global Family Nepal uses the Bhitri Sundarta curriculum in rural and urban club settings, which consists of foundational lessons designed to build a sense of community and friendship amongst young girls and strengthen self-image, social skills, and healthy habits. Club activities include children advocating for their peers, girls’ clubs that build self-work, women cooperating to keep girls in school, and community leaders upholding children’s rights. Other clubs aim to intercept girls being trafficked or trapped in abuse and restore them back to their families or guide them to a restoration shelter. 


We have a licensed shelter (10 beds) in Nepal for children who have been rescued from traffickers and systematic abuse as well as a long-term family home for 8 girls who were abandoned and orphaned. Our shelter provides housing, therapeutic services, and family assessment. We also help children find and return to their families when possible. 

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Lead Coordinator

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Monica Kapali, Reintegration Coordinator

Pramila Nepali, Reintegration Coordinator

Prem Kumar Bhattarai, Club Facilitator

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