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About the Maldives

Many of those who face trafficking and exploitation in the Maldives are migrant workers who have come from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Pakistan seeking work, while girls and women from Maldives and Bangladesh, Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe are subjected to sex trafficking in Maldives (USDOS, 2019: 313). It is known that sex traffickers exploit children in exchange for financial assistance, while women from South Asia are forced into prostitution after entering the country with a trafficker under the guise of tourism (ibid). To be used as domestic servants, Maldivian children are transported to the capital, Male, from other islands, with a number of these children also reportedly subjected to sexual abuse and forced labor (ibid), with additional unverified reports that some foreign tourists exploit Maldivian children in child sex tourism (ibid).



Global Family works in the Maldives to address risk factors of trafficking and abuse through community-based girls empowerment clubs. We currently have three operating clubs, and are contextualising the girls empowerment curriculum for the Maldivian context! 

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